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Yoga Certification for Yoga Teachers / Instructors in India

  •   05-04-2020 to  05-30-2020


300 houryoga teacher training in rishikesh, India registered with Yoga Alliance, USA, based on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga organized by affiliated yoga schools of RishikeshYogPeeth - RYS 200, 300 & 500. This is an intensive Yoga course designed for Yoga Teachers designated as - ERYT 500.

One reason why you would want to do the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training is simply because you have discovered one layer of Yoga after your 200 hour YTT and would like to know what lies beneath the surface. Yoga is a science that has unending possibilities because the more you scratch the more enlightenment you receive and you realize that it is you who holds the key to living a fulfilled life. The second and more practical aspect for you to take up this course is that you will gain more experience of Yoga so you can become a more experienced and knowledgeable Yoga teacher.


Rishikesh Yogpeeth is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, USA. Since 2005 we are conducting 200-hours, 300-hours and 500-hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programs that follow the Yoga Alliance framework. A registered Yoga school (RYS) allows you to be a member of Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) which opens up the possibilities to teach Yoga almost anywhere in the world.

Yoga School Rishikesh Yogpeeth

As a Yoga School, we are influenced by so many Great Sages from our Tradition, modern practitioners as well as thinkers and most of them reflect in our expressions of teaching. Over the years in the natural evolution of the School, we have observed Yoga as a practice of disciplining body and mind.

In the process to achieve discipline, the most important thing for a practitioner is to understand the very nature of body and mind, especially mind. What is Mind? How it works? Why do we need to discipline it? What are the ways to discipline it? Is it ever going to be disciplined? So many similar questions have bothered seekers of different time and eras. Answers to all of these questions are hidden in the treasures of Yog Sutra complied by Mahrishi Patanjanli. Philosophical background ofRishikesh Yogpeeth and the practices taught in these courses are very much in line with the concept.

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  TRIP STARTING:  05-04-2020
  TRIP ENDING:  05-30-2020
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