Tuesday,  November 28, 2023  2:47 pm

ACV to dispute chargebacks on agents' behalf

ACV to dispute chargebacks on agents' behalf

Air Canada Vacations (ACV) will work to support travel partners by disputing chargebacks on their behalf, the tour operator announced on Monday (April 6th)

The move comes as a result of the “unprecedented effect of COVID-19 on the industry,” the company stated in a release.

ACV said it will continue to collaborate with financial institutions and government bodies to reduce the mutual risks associated with chargebacks.

“The tumultuous impact of the crisis requires a coordinated response from all the players in the industry,” Nino Montagnese, managing director at Air Canada Vacations, stated. “Our focus is on ensuring that we can work together to reduce the financial burden on agents and implement additional mitigation measures so that we can collectively restore operations when the time comes.”

Montagnese went on to thank ACV’s travel partners for the hard work and dedication they employ each day in “overcoming the current challenges we are all facing.”

Subject to an approved chargeback by a credit card company, the burden of payment will not be passed to agents. ACV will, instead, be disputing chargebacks on the travel agent’s behalf.

Should ACV require more information to dispute the chargeback, they will contact the travel agents directly to obtain communications between the agency and the customer.

More information can be found on travel agents' ACV&Me accounts.