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Loop Mobile Guest Engagement Technology Debuts At Sandals Resorts

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  •   09-09-2014  3:26 pm

Loop Mobile Guest Engagement Technology Debuts At Sandals Resorts

A mobile butler service of sorts is about to debut at Sandals Resorts International, the company announced today in a joint release with Benbria, the developers of the Loop Mobile Guest Engagement Technology.

Sandals Resorts selected Loop Mobile Guest Engagement by Benbria to empower all properties, from the frontline to the executive team to improve the guest experience.

 The Loop Mobile technology will be for both guest sand staff use as a mobile technology platform that facilitates an advanced, two-way communications system on the resort sites, leveraging the guest’s preferred channel of communication – SMS/MMS, mobile web, mobile app, email and kiosk.

“It’s a web-based solution, so there’s nothing you have to download to a phone,” Tony Busa, marketing director, Benbria, told PAXnewsWest. “The whole point of this is that you’re leveraging a device that guests have, and it creates a two-way dialogue between Sandals staff and guests.”

 “Sandals is using it differently, they actually have more use cases, and uses it many different ways as a tool to improve operations,” Busa added.

Sandals guests will be able to use their Smartphone or tablet to make requests such as room service, poolside service, taxi, baggage pick-up, room cleaning, or extra towels at the beach.

 “A way to differentiate from other resorts is to create a more memorable guest experience, and guests have these mobile devices- everyone travels with them now- it’s the centre of their daily operations,” Busa said

Guests will also be able to send pictures as a means of communications with Sandals staff via the Loop technology throughout their stay.

Busa pointed out that the Loop Mobile technology essentially renders the standard hotel room land-line telephones obsolete.

“Even though every room comes equipped with a phone- the reality is no body uses those phones,” he said.  “Out on the beach or down by the pool- wherever the guest may be, they now have a tool so they can reach out to staff, either to make a request, order a drink poolside, or order room service when [they’re] not in their room yet.”

The technology also has a real time ‘issue resolution’ feature with reporting capabilities on guest concerns or compliments.

Loop Mobile also aims to increase and improve Tripadvisor ratings, as the metrics tracks positive guest feedback and staff can then prompt the guest post a comment on Tripadvisor.

“There is a positive correlation between a good review and an increase in bookings,” Busa said.

Busa also said Loop Mobile leverages the guests’ mobile device for pre-booking and post-stay, empowering the hotelier to manage guests’ entire trip.

“From a pre-booking perspective, Loop enables guests to ensure their upcoming visit and experience is optimal by making inquiries and requests such as dietary needs, room amenities and room selection, as well as, notify the hotel of late arrival,” he said. “After check-out, quality of experience is further maintained by enabling guests to make inquiries and requests such as bill issues, or forgotten or lost items.”

In the release, Stuart Delapenha, group IT director, Sandals Resorts said creating a truly memorable experience is at the heart of the company’s commitment to guests.

“The ability to proficiently capture and act on guest input and requests during their visit is key to this goal,” Delapenha said. “As a real-time communications and operational tool, Loop helps us stay connected with our guests’ needs, acknowledge their concerns and resolve their issues in real time during their stay.”