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06-03-2009 has become


Uguette Chiasson, Publisher,,,,



On November 21, 2007 THN West, an e-news magazine was launched for the travel trade industry throughout British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We realized that this name is easily confused with TRAVELHotNews National (, which is the e-news magazine relevant to Canada in its entirety. After much research, the decision has been made to change the original name to one which represents both the exclusivity of its location and brand. We would like to welcome

We hope you like this new name and will welcome it as your new western Canada e-news travel trade magazine each Tuesday and Thursday.


Katie Lister, Journalist,

Please do not hesitate to forward all your news and comments regarding your travel products and services to Katie Lister, who is the primary journalist responsible for She may be reached via email at or by phone at 604-568-7555. Read the new magazine at

Katie will be covering all events and sifting through all the relevant industry news specifically pertaining to the west. If you see her at an event please don’t be shy, say Hello Katie! is one of the e-news magazines published by Logimonde Inc. Logimonde distributes 3 trade e-news magazines throughout Canada, which include: (national), as well as and (both provincial and for the French and Western/Prairie markets respectively). Logimonde also publishes a consumer e-magazine, (for the French market in Quebec).

Logimonde has been in business since 1992 (17 years) and is partnered with ACT Communications Inc., which owns Addison Travel Marketing and Canadian Traveller magazine.

Once again, we at Logimonde hope you enjoy and welcome as your new favourite travel trade publication and enjoy reading it!

Uguette Chiasson