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Why is 2012 the year for Logimonde to take these big steps in Vancouver?

Amanda Stutt
A major focus for Logimonde inc. in 2012 is to increase the visibility of in Western Canada, and wasting no time, we have kicked off the year by hiring a new Vancouver-based editor for and opening an established office space in the downtown core.

President of Logimonde Inc. Uguette Chiasson is pleased to welcome Amanda Stutt to the position of editor for as Amanda enthusiastically accepts the responsibilities to build relationships and increase the presence of the only daily online travel-trade publication dedicated solely to Western Canadian industry players. This is the first time an editor has been appointed for rather than a journalist, as she takes on full responsibility of the Vancouver office and the e-magazine.

Stutt is an award-winning journalist, and has freelanced for for over a year. Her career has also landed her by-lines with media such as The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun and the Ottawa Business Journal. Although we've wanted Amanda to work for us full-time in the past, the timing was not right as she moved to Ottawa for a few months. But, she moved back to her hometown of Vancouver just as the opportunity with arose, and we're thrilled that she accepted the position.

An editor with experience

Terrilyn Kunopaski, editor in chief, Amanda Stutt, editor and Uguette Chiasson, publisher at the new office
"What I like about Amanda is that she has experience business writing," Chiasson said. "This is good for us because she understands that our magazines are not 'destination' - we report on the business of travel industry and I know she will do this well."

"I am familiar with the travel industry through my experience with in the past but I have not yet had the chance to do more in-depth reporting and really get to know the tricks of the trade," Amanda said. "I always enjoy the events and know how enthusiastic people in the travel industry are. I am looking forward to building on existing business relationships and expanding HelloWest's readership."

"This is a big step in the growth of Logimonde, as we reach out to travel professionals across the country, focusing on providing news and event coverage nationally and regionally in niche markets such as Western Canada," Chiasson said. "We are excited to welcome Amanda onboard and also welcome industry partners to our new office space."

Logimonde launched in 2007, the newest of its online travel trade publications., a Quebec-based French e-magazine, was launched in 1999 and followed by in 2004, which provides a national overview of the Canadian travel industry.

Achieving our mission

Since the inception of five years ago, it has been a challenge to determine exactly what it's mission is - how to differentiate it from and keep the news it provides localized for the regional audience. It has also been a challenge to find an employee here who understands the Logimonde vision for We believe we are finally on solid ground, so as the company celebrates its 20 year anniversary, our energy will be on growing our presence in the West - working with travel professionals in the region and increasing market share.

Over the years, has become ever-more popular among our target audience, evident in increasing subscriber numbers and more advertising on the website. The industry here knows us through our continual presence at events and active coverage of important industry issues. Naturally, we felt that with this success, the next step was to hire an editor with the full responsibilities of the Vancouver office and and open an office in Western Canada.

The new office building for
After searching for a long time, it was not easy to find an office space in Vancouver, but from our experience with the Toronto location, we know it is important to be situated in a downtown area, easily accessible to clients, tourism delegates and other industry representatives for interviews and meetings. The Viva Tower, located at 1311 Howe St., has conference rooms, lounges and different amenities where we look forward to welcoming guests. We also plan on hosting a launch party to show off the space. Logimonde has big plans in Western Canada for the coming year, so the travel industry will see many surprises coming their way. 

It is a major step for Logimonde, as we are now the only online travel trade magazine to have three offices open across the country (Montreal, Toronto and now Vancouver).

Putting the wheels in motion, Chiasson, and Editor-in-Chief Terrilyn Kunopaski are in Vancouver this week to sign the lease and set up the office with Amanda.

As serves Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in addition to British Columbia, we also have freelancers based in cities throughout the other Western provinces to give a well-rounded perspective of the industry happenings on this side of the country.

Amanda is looking forward to an exciting year working with all our industry partners and entering into new relationships. 

Everyone is welcome to stop by the office to have a coffee with Amanda, to discuss industry happenings. Story ideas and press releases can be sent to