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Guess Who's Getting A Facelift

A new is soon to come...but that's not all
03-17-2014  By: Marie-Klaude Gagnon

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As of May 1, will cease to exist.

And despite what you might think, this is great news. 

No, we're not closing down operations, but instead, taking the travel industry's top e-magazines and giving them a facelift – it's not the platform that is disappearing, only the name. You will soon find us rebranded with a more modernized look plus better usability and readability, but we promise to deliver the same great content.

Logimonde is the publisher of plus sister publications and (French) – three names, three different identities, which becomes confusing for readers and advertisers alike. To be honest, some still get the names mixed up – Hot West Travel? Hello News?

So with this in mind, we decided it is important to create a more uniform brand and in the process, give our websites and e-magazines a little TLC.

As we searched for a name, we wanted it to be simple, catchy and bilingual, with relevance to the travel industry.

Now introducing you to, the new, which is a name built on a familiar term to all industry professionals. In just over a month's time, this rebranding will take effect. will be, and will be

We will continue to deliver the latest and most up-to-date travel trade news directly to your inbox on a daily basis; however, you will simply notice a brighter, cleaner e-magazine.

The Logimonde team is thrilled to be moving forward with this project, but that's not all.

We will also be launching a print publication with the name PAX magazine. It will be distributed monthly (10 times annually) to travel agencies and suppliers across the country. Two separate issues will be available – one in French and one in English.

And what will it be about? It's safe to say that nothing quite like it currently exists in the Canadian travel industry media space, but for now, we'll leave you with a bit of suspense.

In the meantime, we appreciate your support and really hope that you are as excited as we are about the reinvented Logimonde.

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