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YTP Members Gather For Monthly Mixer In Vancouver

As YTP Vancouver chapter gains momentum, YTP Toronto chapter to launch in May; word spreading via social media channels
03-20-2014  By: Sophia Rizos
!!Young Travel Professionals Gather For Monthly Mixer In Vancouver

The Young Travel Professionals (YTP) Vancouver chapter held its monthly mixer at the Coppertank Pub earlier this week.

YTP is the first group dedicated to bringing together, and creating networking opportunities for, young people in the travel and hospitality industries without charging membership dues or any fees.

Casual mixers take place in venues across Vancouver every month, with an aim to connect young travel professionals and create space for networking and mentorship opportunities.

The concept began in October 2011 in New York City, with chapters popping up in Boston, San Francisco and Seattle before being established in Vancouver in Oct. 2013 by co-founders Jessica and Carly Renshaw of Renshaw Travel.
Jessica & Carly Renshaw, co-founders, YTP Vancouver chapter

"What is great about these events is that they are very casual. You can come for five minutes or the full three hours," said Carly Renshaw, YTP Vancouver's co-founder.

"I am seeing people connecting outside of the once a month meetings, from all parts of the industry, professionally and socially," she said.

The word is spreading fast, thanks in part to social media.

The organization's Facebook and Twitter accounts are creating buzz, as current and upcoming members find out about events and continue to network via these platforms throughout the month.

A YTP Toronto chapter is set to launch in May of this year. The plan is to expand with social gatherings where members can network with other young travel professionals within their own city, and also within the expansive YTP membership across all the chapters.

"The work I do is so social, even when we travel and meet new people, we then automatically have friends whenever we travel for work related things, and that is what we wanted to see happening in Vancouver," said Jessica Renshaw, YTP Vancouver co-founder.

The events and monthly mixers appeal to those already established in the industry, and also those looking to break into the vast and varying sectors of the trade.

Jessica also said plans are in the works to rally a Calgary YTP chapter into existence this year.

Colin Simpson, owner, Into The Vineyeard
Colin Simpson, owner, Into The Vineyeard
"I think that there is a lot of young people in the industry that are looking to find out what is happening that is innovative," said Colin Simpson, owner of Into The Vineyard – Wine Inspired Travel and YTP Vancouver member.

"Travel is about experience, and learning about different experiences and where people are working, allows us to relay that information to the broader community we all work for," he said.

YTP has a clear mandate to create space and a forum for young, like-minded and professional people to and develop relationships, and to discuss industry trends.
Sarah Peters, travel industry rep, Four Seasons Hotel

"There is a lack of places and social clubs for young travel professionals to get together and network," said Sarah Peters, travel industry representative at the Four Seasons Hotel.

"This really promotes upcoming young professionals in Vancouver." 

Creating new opportunities for those starting careers, or wanting to establish long terms connections within different branches of the travel industry is bridging the gap for these young up and comers.  

With a new Canadian chapter set to launch is less than two months and North American membership numbers rising, YTP is shaping up to become a force full of young professionals to be recognized.

For more information, find YTP on Facebook.