Friday,  August 12, 2022  1:38 am

Action Travel's licence suspended in BC for breach of regulations

Action Travel's licence suspended in BC for breach of regulations

Consumer Protection BC has cancelled the travel licence of Richmond, BC-based R H Mitchell, doing business as Action Travel, for breaching BC’s travel regulations.

“We are warning the public that booking with Action Travel puts them at risk,” says Tatiana Chabeaux-Smith, spokesperson for Consumer Protection BC.

Action Travel’s licence is cancelled, effective immediately, for a series of contraventions, including the failure to report a change of address and provide required financial reports, Consumer Protection BC said.

Red flags and problems

“When we went to inspect the business at the address we had on file, we found the location vacant. That’s a problem,” warns Chabeaux-Smith. “Without their financial reports, they may not have enough working capital. As a regulator, when we don’t get the required information from one of our licensed businesses, it’s a red flag.”

Anyone who has already paid for travel through Action Travel is encouraged to confirm their travel plans and make sure that everything has been booked and paid for.

Other travel agents and wholesalers are reminded not to do business with Action Travel, or any travel agency or wholesaler that is unlicensed. Any person or business who books through an unlicensed agency can’t access the protection of BC’s Travel Assurance Fund.