Saturday,  March 28, 2020  11:38 pm

Agency owners: Want to earn MORE and work less?

Agency owners: Want to earn MORE and work less?

The industry has seen lots of consolidation over the past decade or two. Larger travel agencies are buying up smaller ones and some agencies are closing their doors. Yet there are still plenty of small to mid-sized agencies out there.

So what are the options for a small, struggling agency owner? One of them is to get out from under the crippling costs and workload of operating your own business.

A small agency is subject to many of the hard costs that much larger agencies face.

Selling is not your only option…

Did you know you can continue to operate your agency but outsource all the back office and regulatory work to a host agency? Much in the same way that home based agents rely on their host agency to take care of the many costs associated with running a business, now smaller agencies are realizing that they too can take advantage of a similar program supporting small to mid-size agencies.

Goodbye fees, insurance, accounting!

Imagine no longer having to pay your own registration fees & association fees, your own errors & omissions insurance costs, your telephone system costs, your accounting costs, your website. Add this up in dollars and you’ll find it is a substantial amount annually.

And imagine the time you’d save if you didn’t have to attend to all the administration time devoted to all of those activities.

Keep your brand, ditch the workload!

Think of all the time you’ll then have to focus on selling travel. Meanwhile, you can retain your agency’s identity.

As well, you become part of a community of agents so that when you need support, advice or information, you’ve got it.

We all work in travel because we love it. There are solutions for staying in this industry we love and escaping some of the onerous costs and tasks that come with running your own business. Consider finding a host to support your agency!