Monday,  December 4, 2023  5:30 am

Bon appetit: Ensemble & Eatwith team up

Bon appetit: Ensemble & Eatwith team up

Ensemble Travel Group is partnering with Eatwith, a community offering authentic culinary experiences in destination with locals.

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Ensemble members can register and create an Eatwith Travel Agent account to browse, book and liaise with Eatwith hosts in more than 130 countries. Access to the Eatwith platform means Ensemble members can now offer their clients personalized dining recommendations spanning the full range of Eatwith’s more than 5,000 dinners, lunches, cooking classes, food tours, private events and more.

“The concept of connecting locally is extremely important to us. In a year when our focus is all about “Travel with Purpose”, the dining experience can be a great “connector” promoting both cultural understanding and long-lasting ‘bragging right’ memories,” says Suzanne Hall, senior director supplier relations, Land and Hotels for Ensemble Travel.

Eatwith has a dedicated travel agents sales team to work closely with Ensemble travel agents, providing help, advice and competitive commissions on every booking.

Eatwith global head of business development Ken Frohling said: “Travel agents have always seen the value in offering their travelers unique, immersive local experiences. We are excited to partner with the Ensemble network to bring worldwide local dining experiences to their loyal customers.”

For more information on Eatwith Travel Agents, please visit

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