Saturday,  March 28, 2020  11:43 pm

Collette's new benefit program offering travel credits

Collette's new benefit program offering travel credits

Collette has announced the launch of a new loyalty program, the Collette Passport Club (formerly known as Travel Loyalty by Collette).

The new program will include all the benefits of the existing program as well as a variety of new benefits and features, such as a Collette Passport Club lapel pin, special nametags, and various other forms of recognition.

“The Collette Passport Program will continue to evolve with new features, benefits and enhancements over time,” said Courtney Iannuccilli, vice president of marketing.

Members who were enrolled in the original program will automatically be enrolled in the new program with absolutely no action required. Guests who were not enrolled previously, as well as first time travellers, will automatically be registered once they have completed a trip.

This program offers a $150 credit travel credit for trips taken within 12 months of initial return. A $100 credit is offered for trips taken between 13 and 24 months. Guests who receive reminders about using the passport club credit will always be instructed to contact their travel agent.