Monday,  April 6, 2020  2:15 pm

Debut Voyages launches today

Debut Voyages launches today

After its initial announcement earlier this winter, Debut Voyages will officially launch today (Feb. 28), providing a new travel network for independent luxury travel agents.

Based in Toronto and led by Managing Director Samantha Jervis, an industry veteran of 26 years, working with international luxury hotels, resorts and cruise lines, Debut Voyages is a sister company to TPI, who have been in business since 1994 under parent company IAS.

“Our Travel Designers are very important to us and we treat them as our clients,” said Jervis. “We offer all back of house support and our affiliation to Virtuoso, just to name a few of the many benefits. This allows our Designers to be free to focus on what they do best. This network has been curated to attract only the best of the best in the business.”

“Debut Voyages forges ahead as the first and a truly compelling business model for independent Luxury Travel Designers,” said Morris Chia, TPI’s president & CEO.

Operating on an invite-only basis to qualified agents across Canada and the U.S., Debut Voyages will offer an exclusive peer network for independent luxury agents that will allow them to earn and keep 100 per cent of the commission.

Prospective members of Debut Voyages are considered based on the candidate's mix of luxury business and annual commission revenue.

Agents who feel they would qualify to join the network are invited to contact Debut Voyages by email at