Saturday,  August 13, 2022  2:37 am

Exodus Travels Launches Brand In Canadian Market

Exodus Travels Launches Brand In Canadian Market

Exodus Travels, formerly operating under the Adventure Center banner, has announced the official launch of its brand in the Canadian market.

Exodus is a member of the Peak Adventure Travel Group, and originally launched in 1974. The U.K.- based brand has now grown to include 500 itineraries in over 90 countries, specializing in walking, cycling, wildlife and cultural trips.

Adventure Center ceased trading as a brand on Aug. 1, and its offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton closed the same day.

Sharmil Goswami, Exodus Travels’ sales manager, North America said the company has seen considerable growth with support from the travel agent community, and is looking forward to the opportunity to work directly with agents.

“I think the difference is that prior to this we were known as a general supplier of adventure holidays, and [now] we’re actually pushing the fact that we are really strong on our biking and hiking products- it’s the active product that has driven the growth in Canada,” Goswami told PAXnewsWest.

Goswami also said that Exodus considers the Western market is one of the company’s most important selling regions.

“Previously we were through Adventure Center, and we relied on their analysis, but now we have done our own and we know that the West is going to be probably where we concentrate a lot of our marketing, and also our presence,” Goswami said.

Goswami added that Exodus currently has two representatives based in Edmonton to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to the Western market.

“Because Western Canadian clients understand our product, we’ve seen really great growth there, particularly in our active product such as the biking and hiking holidays,” he said. “We have two stand- alone brochures, and we see ourselves as the specialist company in regards to active holidays, and we are really going out and pushing that message.”

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