Friday,  March 24, 2023  3:19 pm

H.I.S. acquisition of Red Label Vacations now complete

H.I.S. acquisition of Red Label Vacations now complete

Red Label Vacations Inc. (RLV) which operates TravelBrands, has been acquired by a subsidiary of H.I.S. Co., Ltd. (H.I.S.) 

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Frank DeMarinis will continue on as president and CEO of TravelBrands. As president and CEO, Frank oversees a diverse portfolio of both retail and wholesale brands while driving the strategy and integration of the organization.

TravelBrands’ executive team will keep leading the organization and achieving its goals. Each with their own unique set of skills and expertise, the executive team members include:

  • Diane Lattavo - senior vice president, air and operations
  • Nathalie Tanious – senior vice president, commercial
  • Elvi Cal – vice president, product development
  • Sam Youssef – director of integrated marketing
  • John Puntillo – CIO and vice president of information technology
  • Tony Saunders – senior vice president and CFO

The completion of the sale brings a new stage of growth and development for the organization as a whole. With the support of H.I.S., TravelBrands is expecting to enhance its service and offerings to travellers and travel agents alike.

About H.I.S.

H.I.S. is a publicly traded multi-national travel company based in Japan. With over 12,000 employees worldwide, H.I.S. has developed a global footprint and offers services in a range of sectors beyond travel, including theme parks, hotels and others. Under the agreement with H.I.S., RLV will continue to operate as an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of H.I.S.

For more information about TravelBrands, its offerings and the executive team, visit

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