Friday,  August 12, 2022  2:35 am

Maggie Santos is ACTA's new Director of Education and Certification

Maggie Santos is ACTA's new Director of Education and Certification

ACTA has announced that Maggie Santos will join the team as ACTA’s new Director of Education and Certification, effective immediately.

Santos comes to ACTA with more than 15 years of learning, development and certification experience.

Building education pillars

This appointment reflects the associations key objectives to better serve ACTA's members across the country and make significant progress on the Education pillar.

"We remain focused to provide new tools in learning and development, as well as advancing our current training and certification programs," said Wendy Paradis, preseident, ACTA. "We truly believe that providing ongoing education is an integral component to a travel professional's professional growth and Maggie will be key in driving these initiatives forward."

Santos has a Masters in Education and prior to joining ACTA, worked in learning and development roles with organizations including Research in Motion (RIM - Blackberry), Christie Medical Holdings, and the Canadian Welding Association.

Santos' experience includes developing corporate training programs in various formats including classroom training, online learning and blended learning programs; and for the past three years she has played a leadership role in the development of a national certification program for welding apprentices collaborating with industry, education and government.