Sunday,  August 7, 2022  2:27 pm

Is running your own agency tiring you out?

Is running your own agency tiring you out?

Running your own business has many rewards but with that comes a lot of responsibility and administrative work.

In the travel business, that means time away from actually selling travel. Small agency owners are often struggling to earn a decent living and if they could spend more time attracting and serving customers, it would help their bottom line.

There are various strategies for survival in an industry populated with vertically integrated giants, OTAs and huge retail networks. The choices for small travel agencies up to now have been: Sell, merge, or close.

Small agencies are subject to most of the hard costs that much larger agencies face.

No wonder many small agency owners have just given up and sold if they got the chance.

Closing your agency is not the only solution

Now, there’s an alternative to selling or closing. Much in the same way that home based agents rely on their host agency to take care of the many costs associated with running a business, now smaller agencies are realizing that they too can take advantage of working with a host agency.

When you join a host agency, you no longer having to pay your own registration fees & association fees, your own errors & omissions insurance costs, your telephone system costs, your accounting costs, your website, marketing, etc. Even with host agency fees, you will be way ahead.

Host agency allows you to concentrate on selling

Once you’ve offloaded all that administrative work and costs, you will be able to focus almost exclusively on selling travel.

And you will lose that feeling of isolation. You also become part of a community of agents and you’ll have access to a support team -- so that when you need advice or information, you’ve got it.

If you are thinking of getting out, have a talk with a host agency that supports small agents. There are solutions for staying in this industry and escaping some of the onerous costs and tasks that come with running your own business.

Other agency owners have converted their businesses to be supported by a host agency with great results!