Friday,  August 12, 2022  1:15 am

Seeing double: TPI marks 25 years with record growth

Seeing double: TPI marks 25 years with record growth
Zeina Gedeon, CEO, and Morris Chia, executive chairman of TPI.

Travel Professionals International (TPI) has recognized double-digit growth in sales, commission and membership as they move into their 26th year of business. 

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August 1 marked the new fiscal year for TPI, and the company reports a banner year as they wrap up their 25th year in business.

“Twenty-five years ago, I started this journey to create a place for entrepreneur minded advisors to call home and provide them with the support and technology to help them become more successful,” said Morris Chia, executive chairman of TPI. “I am pleased to announce that we have experienced a record-breaking double-digit increase this past fiscal in various segments of our business with a particular growth emphasis on FIT bookings. All forward booking indicators also point towards another solid season ahead. I applaud all the efforts of our TPI Advisors and thank them for all their hard work and passion that they bring to their business. As we move into our twenty-sixth year in business, TPI will continue to focus on what is mostly relevant for our advisors - to be more efficient, and to increase their earnings."

A new chapter

As TPI moves into their new fiscal year, they will continue to forge ahead with programs that allow their advisor’s business to thrive. 

With the help of their skilled and dedicated head office team, they are confident that the year ahead will be even more successful than the last.

“2019 was a turn-around year for TPI, after 25 years in the business we needed to reinvent the company, to make sure we are fully supporting our advisors," said Zeina Gedeon, CEO, TPI. "We will continue to keep our advisors at the forefront for everything we implement, all decisions are made by our advisors for our advisors. Each execution is carefully matched with the thought of how this would enrich our advisor’s business. To ensure we see continued growth, the key is to focus not only on innovation but synergy and communication with our advisors."

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