Friday,  August 12, 2022  2:18 am

Sinorama's licence has officially been cancelled

Sinorama's licence has officially been cancelled

Consumer Protection BC has cancelled the licence of Sinorama Travel Vancouver Inc., located in Richmond BC, after concluding that travellers are at risk of not getting the travel they paid for.

The agency's licence had previously been suspended over concerns the business does not have enough working capital to continue operating as a travel agency.

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What travellers should know

Consumer Protection BC is currently assessing the potential impact on travellers, and are not able to confirm individual bookings.

The agency believes travellers could be impacted by Sinorama if:

  • You booked through Sinorama Travel Vancouver Inc. located in Richmond BC.
  • You booked online through Sinorama and you live in a Western province of Canada or the Western US (Colorado & West).
  • You are a travel agent who bought or arranged for the supply of travel services through the Quebec’s wholesaler, Sinorama Vacances Inc.

Consumer Protection BC recommends confirming that bookings have in fact been paid for by calling airlines, hotels, trains, buses, cruises, tours, or any other things that were booked as part of the trip.

If a credit card was used at the time the booking was made, agents are advised to call or write the credit card company to request that the charges be reversed. Consumer Protection BC recommends providing them with the Notice of Licence Cancellation as proof of the business closure.

If you bought separate insurance, make a claim through your insurance provider.

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