Friday,  August 12, 2022  2:15 am

TDC's incoming Opulence Program to offer luxury travel options

TDC's incoming Opulence Program to offer luxury travel options

Following a series of announcements related to TDC's "Mission Possible" Congress, general manager Louise Fecteau announced the launch of a large program with her franchise and affiliate advisors: the Opulence Program, whose main theme will be luxury travel.

According to Fecteau, this is a corollary reaction to the three current major trends in tourism: eco-responsibility, bleisure (combining business and leisure), and of course, luxury. The program, still embryonic at this stage, will include several components including a major training session.

"You can't have luxury travel advisors that don't know anything about luxury travel," said Fecteau. "Our advisors must be properly trained in the subtleties of this market."

The program and its affiliated products will be completely separate from the collections of Transat, and several new providers will be offered to travellers, many of which are exclusive to TDC banners.

Moreover, if the grouping does not venture to name these famous exclusive partners for the moment, since they are still in the negotiation stage, Fecteau indicates that it will be very high-end products that will completely boost the offer, whether that means niche cruise ships, private jets, or even suites in central New York.

"This will be offered exclusively in TDC banner agencies. This is a way to make the agency experience even more attractive and justify the customer's move. And of course, ultimately, to improve our customer base," Fecteau concluded.

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