Saturday,  August 13, 2022  2:53 am

Transat introduces ‘Confetti’ rewards program

Transat introduces ‘Confetti’ rewards program

Transat has announced the Nov. 1 launch of Confetti, a new sales program that aims to reward top travel agents, as well as agencies.

A different sales challenge will be issued each month, with significant prizes to be won.

Each month, a new challenge for a specific program offered by Transat Holidays, Nolitours, TMR Holidays or Transat Discoveries will be announced. In addition, the agencies of the monthly winners will also have the chance to participate in a random draw for a $25,000 cash prize at the end of the 12-month program.

Top performers and their agencies will win big for selling big: there are $28,000 worth of prizes allotted for November.

The Confetti program will be officially launched on Nov. 1 with a Sun destinations challenge. The agent selling the most Sun vacations throughout the month of November in each region – Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada – will receive $5,000, while the winners’ home agency will be awarded $2,000.

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