Saturday,  March 28, 2020  10:24 pm

Travel associates advance careers with TravelOnly University

Travel associates advance careers with TravelOnly University

A career in the travel industry just got easier, thanks to a brand new educational program offered by TravelOnly and TravelBrands.

TravelOnly University was created to emphasize the benefits of a two-day, in-person training curriculum that guides new travel associates towards continued success.

The university program provides travel associates with an overview of state-of-the-art technology systems provided by TravelOnly, assists associates with the basic foundations of succeeding in a home-business environment, and give an overview of the slaes process.

In the last decade, travel agencies have looked towards cost-saving technologies to train their new sales agents, but TravelOnly saw the value and the importance of live training.

“TravelOnly is a leader in technology systems and on-line training programs, however, we’ve listened to the feedback from our new Associates who wanted to supplement that training with hands-on learning with in-person instructors. This program now meets that need and combines at home coursework, classroom training and in-depth programming with some of our key preferred partners,” explained Holly McBean, Vice President of Training.

Thanks to the new curriculum, students come into the field with a general understanding of how the travel industry works, including its regulations, and they are better prepared for client networking and marketing opportunities.

TravelOnly and TravelBrands are looking to conduct their joint training program on a quarterly basis and expand their reach across Canada. Future programs may include intermediate and advanced topics for seasoned travel professionals looking for additional training to grow their business in a competitive landscape.