Sunday,  August 7, 2022  3:08 pm

Travelbrands now offering branded fares

Travelbrands now offering branded fares

TravelBrands has announced that branded fares are now available through TravelBrands Flights, by Intair.

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Travel agents now have the ability to choose from different types of fares based on their clients’ needs.

Agents can begin booking branded fares on the Access platform.

“Airlines are branding their fares more and more,” said Diane Lattavo, VP, air and operations, TravelBrands. “By adding in branded fare options, we are helping travellers and agents alike get the best fare options based on the way they travel and their budget. We believe this addition will serve TravelBrands’ goal of giving agents access to the world on an easy-to-use platform.”

Available for a range of fares

Branded fares are a new range of airline fares within the same cabin type. These fares each come with specific conditions, rules and services such as checking bags without additional charges, the ability to change their ticket, seat selection, earning points from the airline’s loyalty program, priority boarding, lounge access and more.

Travel agents who book their branded fares through Access can see the NET fare applicable for each, the differences between each option and what the cancellation fees will be.

Agents will also be provided with a link to the airline website where they can discover other attributes associated with each branded fare.

Travel agents can begin booking their branded fare flights at, and learn more information about these product lines.