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Air Transat donates unused food to local charities

Air Transat donates unused food to local charities

Ever been on a flight and felt bad when you weren't able to finish the meal that the airline provided to you?

You're likely not the only person who's felt guilty about dumping your unopened cookies or pretzels into the trash bag along with your leftovers when the flight attendant comes calling—even if it was free.

Air Transat recently announced an on board initiative that seeks to curb food waste, while giving back to the community at the same time.

A solution for all

All uneaten, non-perishable food items are collected and placed in a designated box on board, where they're sorted in the kitchen by crew members, and eventually dropped off at a nearby charity.

In a statement on the company's Facebook page, Air Transat writes:

"Early in October, we introduced a container on board our aircraft so that crew members could donate non-perishable food items left over from their snacks. The items are then sorted by the kitchen and given to the foundation that financially supports Le Chaînon women's shelter in Montreal. More than 270 kilograms of food has been donated so far!

These donations will help many women in difficulty and their children.

This initiative has been introduced only in Montreal so far but will soon be rolled out across the country!"

In a separate statement to PAX, Marie-Annick Lalande, advisor, public relations and marketing at Air Transat, said:

"The idea was born in the minds of a few flight attendants last spring, who found it a shame to waste so much food. Perishable goods are considered international waste and must unfortunately be discarded. But all non-perishable goods that have a later expiry date could be recovered. We therefore organized a space on board the aircraft to harvest non-perishable goods and thus be able to recover them after the flight."

More updates to follow!

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