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Air Transat Introduces Eco Fares

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  •   09-04-2014  2:27 pm

Air Transat Introduces  Eco Fares

Air Transat today introduced its new Eco Fares, offering flexibility to Economy Class passengers.

The three new Eco Fares offer varying conditions for flight changes or cancellation, so that passengers can modify their travel dates or cancel their trip if necessary.

Eco Fares will be available for all Air Transat flights as of Sept. 3, 2014.

The three types of Eco Fares offered in Economy are available at different rates and with varying conditions. Eco offers the best available rate, permitting travellers to make changes upon payment of a fee.

Eco Extra allows changes at a lower fee than Eco. The third option, Eco Max, offers maximum flexibility by permitting changes and cancelations at the lowest fee available. Eco Fares are not available when purchasing a package.

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