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Bookings open for WestJet's prestigious music festival at 35,000 feet

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  •   04-01-2019  1:49 pm

Bookings open for WestJet's prestigious music festival at 35,000 feet

WestJet has just announced a luxury music festival, held at 35,000 feet.

Dubbed the "Flyre Festival", the not-to-be-missed experience is being called an extraordinary event that's "impossible to be put into words, but if it could, it would be the world's first premium in-flight music festival" on WestJet's 787 Dreamliner.

Featuring models, social influencers, and cute mini-pigs (emotional support animals), tickets for the party in the sky are on sale now.

Just kidding!

While the Flyre Festival sounds pretty awesome, it's actually WestJet's way of saying April Fool's to its guests.

WestJet has been pranking travellers since 2006, and this year, the airline says it wanted to create a spin-off of the viral festival fail, Fyre Festival.

What was promoted as the year's hottest music festival in the Bahamas quickly turned into the world's most notorious festival flop, after every problem imaginable surfaced—security, food, accommodation, medical services and artist relations, resulting in the festival being postponed indefinitely.

Instead of private planes, luxury villas and gourmet meals promised in video and on social media for months, attendees received sandwiches, FEMA emergency tents as their accommodations, and economy seating with throngs of other festival goers. At a cost of $1,000s of dollars a ticket.

And, while the Flyre festival might not be real, WestJet's current seat sale is: select fares and packages are available for discounted rates on more than 100 destinations. 

Travellers can save on flights and vacation packages to select destinations in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. 

Book by April 4, 2019 (11:59 p.m. MT) for travel from April 1 – Oct. 26, 2019.

Swoop joins in on the fun

Swoop, WestJet's LCC, also got in on the jokes this morning, with the introduction of its Recline-for-a-Dime™ product, allowing travellers to insert a dime into the armrest of their seat in exchange for two-inches of 30-minute timed recline.

Watch the hilarious video of the Flyre Festival below!

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