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Germany Displays Hidden Destinations

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  •   09-17-2014  3:40 pm

Germany Displays Hidden Destinations

The German National Tourist Office (GNTO) hosted a media luncheon at Vancouver’s Pan Pacific Hotel yesterday that showcased some of Germany’s lesser-known destinations.

The GNTO, along with 21 supplier partners from destinations across the country are on a West Coast road show this week, with stops in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

The mission is outreach to both travel agents and trade media, and the message is that Germany’s tourist destinations are diverse, and the offerings expand far beyond the borders of tourist hotspots like Berlin or Bavaria.

“There are many suppliers, and Berlin and Bavaria are here, but we are showing not only cities, but states and tourism associations to show the entire diversity of Germany,” Carina Schumacher, manager, public relations, GNTO told

Schumacher said there are in fact 16 States in Germany, and that international overnight visits have doubled since reunification in 1993.

Suppliers from Dresden, Munich, Erfurt, Leipzig, Nurembourg, Weimar and beyond delivered destination presentations that highlighted the unique tourism offerings of each region.

Munich, the of capital of Bavaria showcased the famed Oktoberfest, and pointed out the region boasts 40 per cent of the European Union’s breweries, with over 700 breweries and 4,000 beer brands.

The medieval city of Erfert, the capital of Thuringia, is an architectural and festival hub that is known for its cathedrals, towers, and open- air theatre festivals. This city has also preserved the monuments and synagogues built by Erfert’s Jewish community in the Middle Ages.

Leipzig, in Saxony, carries the slogan ‘the city of heroes and music’ as a testament to the city’s musical endowment, and to the fact that city activists played a key role in the peaceful revolution of 1989.

Lubeck, in Schleswig-Holstein, was founded in 1143 as the first western city on the Baltic coast, and features a variety of museums for history buffs. Lubeck’s old town with its seven tours and five churches was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

For travel options between these destinations, travellers can consider Germany’s 400 kilometre- long ‘Romantic Road’ route, with coach tours featuring bar service, as well as cycling and walking tours of some of Germany’s most romantic destinations, beginning in Wurzburg and ending in Fussen.

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Photo: Carina Schumacher, manager, public relations, GNTO & Antje Splettstoesser, marketing director, GNTO