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Good morning, everyone: Canada's airlines weigh in on gender-neutral greetings

Good morning, everyone: Canada's airlines weigh in on gender-neutral greetings
Air Canada is no longer greeting passengers with the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" in favour of creating an inclusive space for all guests.
Christine Hogg

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Earlier this week, Air Canada announced that it would no longer be welcoming "ladies and gentlemen" aboard its planes.

Instead, the airline would welcome "everyone," as the company works to modernize its scripted greetings in order to create a more inclusive atmosphere for all guests. Fellow Canadian airlines Air Transat, WestJet, and Sunwing have also echoed similar statements.

Air Transat has completely done away with the same terminology as Air Canada.

"I can confirm that our flight attendants have stopped using, "Ladies and gentlemen" or "Mesdames et messieurs" a while ago in their announcements," Debbie Cabana, media spokesperson, Air Transat, told PAX. "The change was introduced in the last revision of our inflight manual, in June this year. "The address is now simply “Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening” or “Bonjour / Bonsoir”. It was thought to be both more personal and more inclusive."

Sunwing and WestJet both still refer to its guests as "ladies and gentlemen," but both airlines say they are open to guest feedback.

"At Sunwing we consider ourselves to be a diverse organization that benefits from the myriad of perspectives shared by both of our customers and our employees," stated Rachel Goldrick, senior corporate communications advisor, Sunwing. "We embrace all cultural, religious, racial, ability, gender, age, and sexual orientation dispositions and recognize multiplicity throughout our company. Currently we do use the term ‘ladies and gentleman’ as part of our on-board announcements. We monitor customer feedback carefully and have not received any negative comments regarding our greeting. However we will certainly take this into account when we are re-evaluating our procedures in the future."

"We are continuously assessing and evolving our practice and policies to maximize inclusiveness," Morgan Bell, advisor, media and public relations, WestJet, told PAX. "As our current announcements refer to guests as ladies and gentleman, we are taking this time to evaluate announcement updates for future inclusion.

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