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Goway Gears Up Luxury Product

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  •   10-07-2014  2:50 pm

Goway Gears Up Luxury Product

Goway Travel managers have been out in the market with the message that they are ramping up their luxury product offerings.

Through its ‘Stays of Distinction’ program, Goway already features five star hotels and customized travel arrangements for affluent travellers - and the company has recently expanded their luxury lineup to include enhanced experiences and more product.

PAXnewsWest spoke with Goway’s wholesale manager Thom Ryan and Barbara Norton, general manager, Goway GroupsOnly & special events to hear more.

“We’re expanding within the brand itself...from Africa to Latin America, to cruises- all of that,” Ryan said.

Ryan said Goway is set to accommodate customized travel for the discerning traveller to destinations including Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Idyllic Islands, and the Polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic.

“We’re reiterating that we know how to sell not only the FIT, and the luxury, high-end clients we haven’t really gone after in the past, so we’re marking up what we’re good at,” said Ryan.

Ryan also said Goway has trained specific staff to handle high-end clientele and the goal is to have a concierge service in all luxury destinations, already offered for VIP clients in select destinations.

Goway is also highlighting several high profile, uber- luxurious properties in its portfolio, including the Shangri-La in Lhasa, the Peninsula Hong Kong and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

“We’re telling the marketplace that Goway does luxury- we have the product, and we’ve got the customer service to provide what’s needed for that luxury clientele,” said Norton.

Norton added that Goway is both expanding its luxury product range and the client services that go along with it.

“It more than just product-it’s about customer service and all the little added extras that the affluent want,” she pointed out.

 “We’ve dabbled in luxury with Stays of Distinction lineup, and we have luxury trains in India and Africa, but now we’re encompassing what is not yet a separate brand, but I think down the line we’ll get to it,” Norton said.

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