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Kids explore aviation with Air Transat's new series

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  •   09-13-2018  12:59 pm

Kids explore aviation with Air Transat's new series

Air Transat has announced an all new web series, split into three webisodes that take viewers into Air Transat's hangar, where young children can share their knowledge of aviation with Raymond, a certified aircraft mechanic technician at Air Transat.

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The videos

How fast can an airplane fly? How many passengers can travel on our airplane? How much does an airplane cost? The videos, created with agency Sid Lee, spotlight the future experts' priceless reactions as a playful way to reveal some fun facts on the aviation industry.

"This series builds on our most recent content initiatives. In our 'vacation experts' series, employees tell us what they love best about their favourite destinations, providing recommendations from seasoned travellers to inspire people everywhere as they plan their South and Europe holidays," explains Geneviève LeBrun, vice president of marketing, Transat. "With our 'future experts,' we talk aviation, a topic many people are curious about, while also reaffirming our role as family travel specialists. It's worth noting that our future experts are all children of Transat employees, showing that passion for travel runs in the family."

Air Transat currently offers the following benefits for travellers with young kids:

  • direct flights
  • convenient departure times
  • attentive staff
  • exclusive check-in counters
  • priority boarding for families with young children.

Air Transat's Kids Club welcomes all mini-globetrotters aged two to 11 for free, offering a membership kit filled with travel goodies, standard seat selection for the departure and return flights, on board surprises, and more.