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New screening measures come to YEG

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  •   07-16-2019  1:29 pm

New screening measures come to YEG

The screening process at Edmonton International Airport will be faster and easier for travellers this summer, following the recent opening of the CATSA Plus screening system.

The system includes a number of features that enhance the security process: four people can load bins simultaneously (compared to one previously) and the system includes a fully motorized bin tracking and return system, for virtually no waiting. CATSA Plus also enhances security effectiveness by tracking items through the screening process and automatically separating those items requiring search.

To accommodate CATSA Plus, YEG also increased the size of the security area by 280 per cent and installed an upgraded Liquids, Aerosols and Gels disposal stations outfitted with plumbing systems to be more sanitary than previous systems and quicker to dispose of liquids for passengers.

Fingerprint verification launched

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Edmonton Airports have also launched fingerprint verification for biometrically-enrolled foreign nationals and permanent residents using Primary Inspection Kiosks at Edmonton International Airport.

Canadian Citizens, citizenship applicants as well as United States (U.S.) citizens are not required to provide biometrics and are therefore not required to complete fingerprint verification while seeking entry to Canada.

The Government of Canada is now using the technology through its Primary Inspection Kiosks to establish that a person seeking entry into Canada is the same person that was issued their visa, permit or permanent residence documentation. This will prevent individuals from using a stolen, borrowed, or altered visa or permit on their attempt to enter Canada.

Fingerprint verification with Primary Inspection Kiosks will be phased in at all major Canadian airports throughout 2019.

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