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Reimagining Korea: KTO Director Discusses Brand Evolution

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  •   09-10-2014  3:00 pm

Reimagining Korea: KTO Director Discusses Brand Evolution

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) recently introduced a new Korean tourism brand: ‘Imagine your Korea’, which prompts tourists to start re-imagining the destination.

“There are hundreds of ways to enjoy Korea, and people from all over the world like to enjoy Korea in their own special way,” Doojo Kim, director, Canada, Korea Tourism Organization  told PAXnewsWest. “So our new brand, ‘Imagine your Korea’, means whatever you want.”

Kim said the strategy with the rebranding is to encourage travellers to expand their understanding of the destination beyond its cultural attractions, and to and emphasize the vision of advanced tourism.

“Part of our strategy is to introduce Korea as a trendy, creative destination, and it’s the perfect destination for the FIT traveller,” Kim said.

Kim said Korea is attracting more niche markets, such as culinary and biking tours, and the destination is seeing a surge in medical tourism.

“There are so many kinds of medical tourism- medical checkups are just one,” Kim said.

Kim said that international tourists are using Korea’s medical system for a range of procedures- from cosmetic surgery and dentistry, to scans and tests for preventative measures.

“With the medical checkups, you can find diseases in the early stages, and if you find cancer in the early stages it can be cured easily,” Kim said.

Kim added that the medical system in Korea is structured so that many tests can be run with results returned the same day.

“It’s very fast and convenient and the quality is very good, and the Korean medical system is so advanced, with many quality facilities with advanced technology, many people come to Korea for medical tours,” he said.

Randy Snape, marketing manager, Korea Tourism Organization said that in addition to having technologies and procedures that are not always readily accessible in Canada, medical tourism facilities are equipped to perform multiple tests and procedures.

“Sometimes when you go for tests you have to go to three or four places, but depending on the level and depth of the testing- you’re doing it all in one facility,” Snape said.

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Photo: Doojo Kim, Director, Canada, KTO

Photo credits: Korea Tourism Organization