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SJA therapy dogs land at YWG

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  •   12-17-2015  10:42 am

SJA therapy dogs land at YWG

Winnipeg Airports Authority and St. John Ambulance Manitoba have launched the Therapy Dog Program at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, established with the goal of providing a relaxed and friendly environment for airport customers and visitors alike.

Beginning Friday, Dec. 18, passengers and visitors at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport will be able to benefit from the warmth, caring and affection from the friendly dogs and handlers who will be volunteering at the airport. Therapy dogs provide stress relief and help create a relaxed environment, said the WAA.

St. John Ambulance and the Therapy Dog Program have been working with a variety of Airport Authorities across Canada including Halifax, Regina, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, easing nervous or anxious travellers.