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Sunwing Sends Rescue Flights To Los Cabos

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  •   09-22-2014  3:44 pm

Sunwing Sends Rescue Flights To Los Cabos

Yesterday saw the arrival of the first international rescue flight at Los Cabos International Airport, bringing with it much needed food, water and medical supplies.

The plane was the first repatriation service to land at the airport following its closure since Sunday when category 3, tropical storm Odile blasted the Mexican Baja California peninsula with gusts of wind of up to 125 mph and over six hours of heavy rain.

At 4:05 PM local time, the plane departed towards Vancouver bringing with it 190 passengers forced to abandon their vacation after the impact of the tropical storm. The second service to Toronto also repatriated Canadians who had not originally booked with the airline.

All of Sunwing Airlines’ outbound services from Canada to Los Cabos have been cancelled until the end of the month.

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