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Swoop cancels 7 flights after damage grounds plane

Swoop cancels 7 flights after damage grounds plane
Christine Hogg

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Low-cost carrier Swoop has issued an apology, after a damaged plane was grounded, resulting in a total of seven cancelled flights between Kelowna to Winnipeg, Winnipeg to Abbotsford, Edmonton to Las Vegas, and Las Vegas to Edmonton, Edmonton to Hamilton, Hamilton to Orlando, and Orlando to Hamilton.

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The affected flights were due to depart yesterday (Aug. 28).

"On behalf of Swoop, I would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience our impacted travellers have experienced due to the unscheduled maintenance to one of our aircraft," said Steven Greenway, president, Swoop. "Upon inspection of the aircraft on August 26, damage was found on the body and we are continuing to investigate the cause. Given our diligent safety protocols, we grounded the plane for repair."

Last month, Swoop cancelled 23 flights after unscheduled maintenance was required to replace an engine aboard one of its aircraft.

Returning to operations

Swoop claims that it's is working to ensure all impacted travellers are provided with alternative travel arrangements in accordance with the airline's Tariff and Flight Interruption Policies. All impacted travellers are rebooked on the next available Swoop flight, though Global News reports that for some travellers, that's not until early September.

 If the flight is not satisfactory, travellers are welcome to book alternative travel arrangements. Swoop will reimburse the cost for tickets booked in the same class of service (basic economy) with other airlines. Any travellers delayed more than three hours have received meal, hotel and transportation vouchers.

Swoop reports that an aircraft has been secured and will return to service as of today (Aug. 29). 

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