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Bear with them: Jasper discontinues weekly bear reports

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  •   08-21-2019  2:04 pm

Bear with them: Jasper discontinues weekly bear reports

In a bid to “give wildlife space” and reduce the potential for deadly encounters, Jasper National Park has discontinued its weekly bear report.

While the alerts were originally intended to warn visitors when the animals had been spotted in the region, the notices have more often than not contributed to a recent increase in ‘bear jams’ – line-ups of cars occurring along the roadside when motorists stop to view the animals in their habitat.

The ending of the alerts follows concerns by Jasper park officials earlier this year of park visitors disregarding basic safety measures – such as staying in their vehicles and not following bears into the forest – in their efforts to snap the perfect photo.

According to Parks Canada, July through September are the most active months for bear activity in Alberta’s mountain parks, as the animals seek out food to fatten themselves for the winter.

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