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This is how you can explore Hong Kong & Taiwan!

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  •   01-17-2019  11:38 am

This is how you can explore Hong Kong & Taiwan!

Hong Kong and Taiwan are just 180 km apart and nearly two hours away from each other by plane.

Both destinations are bursting with culture and incredibly unique, as PAX learned last fall when we visited Hong Kong and Taiwan on an immersive 10-day tour via Hong Kong Airlines.

With population of more than seven million people, cosmopolitan Hong Kong has 18 eclectic districts, countless shopping centres, bustling markets, food stalls and thousands of restaurants (at one point on our tour, we may have found the rowdiest of them all!)

Taiwan captured our hearts with its lush-green national parks, cycling experiences and modern cities, such as the capital city of Taipei. Like Hong Kong, Taiwan has a mouth-watering food scene (we couldn’t get enough xiaolongbao, “soup dumplings” that are served in steaming hot bamboo baskets).

Taiwan’s indigenous tourism scene is thriving is rural parts, where we learned about local ancestry and age-old traditions, such as how to make fire from scratch.

Our verdict? Experiencing both Hong Kong and Taiwan, together, is an excellent way to make the most out of a long-haul flight to Asia.

But how well can you tell the two apart?

Test your knowledge of these two exciting destinations in the 2 Stories, One Trip contest presented by Hong Kong Tourism Board, Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Hong Kong Airlines for a chance to win a grand prize trip for two to Hong Kong and Taiwan!