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New Zealand smartphone law carries huge fine

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  •   10-09-2018  1:31 pm

New Zealand smartphone law carries huge fine

Travellers heading to New Zealand could be fined more than $4,000 CAD if they refuse to unlock their mobile devices for customs officers.

A new law enacted in the country this week, part of an update to New Zealand’s border security legislation, gives customs officials expanded powers to examine the contents of travellers’ smartphones, tablets and laptops, including the authority to copy data found on searched devices.

Refusal to comply could result in a fine of up to 5,000 NZ$, equivalent to approximately $4,176 CAD.

While the New Zealand Customs Service contends that travellers will notice little change as a result of the updated legislation, the law has come under fire from civil liberties organizations in the country, citing privacy concerns and raising questions regarding the new law’s effectiveness in preventing crime.