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Survey says more Canadian women are travelling solo

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  •   03-07-2019  1:18 pm

Survey says more Canadian women are travelling solo

The latest research by Allianz Global Assistance shows that more Canadian women are exploring the world by themselves.

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According to the Conference Board of Canada, during the 2011-2012 winter vacation season, solo female travellers comprised only 4.6 per cent of Canadians who were planning a winter vacation. For the 2015-2016 season, it had risen to 7.4 per cent and for this current season (2018-2019), 8.2 per cent of respondents intending to travel are women travelling on their own.

“Research shows more and more Canadian women are travelling solo,” says Debbie Robinson, director, marketing and customer experience, Allianz Global Assistance Canada, a leading provider of travel insurance and assistance services. “In fact, our very own Winter Vacation Confidence survey shows that of the respondents, 23 per cent are women excited to explore new places. As with all travel, but perhaps more so when travelling solo, researching your destination and checking for travel advisories is an important part of being safe and enjoying the journey."

Take chances, but play it safe

There are many reasons as to why more and more women are opting for a solo vacation, but quite often, it comes down to the following:

  • Conflicting schedules; vacation periods don't line up with close friends/family
  • The simple desire to explore
  • Different tastes in vacation destination

Just like travelling with a partner, though, solo travel requires careful trip planning and taking measures to ensure safety abroad.

"Travelling solo requires being well-prepared beyond making reservations and planning sightseeing,” said Robinson, noting that approximately 38 per cent of women book vacations themselves according to the Allianz Global Assistance Winter Vacation Confidence Survey. 

She continued:

“Travel insurance and protection should be a must. We receive more than two million calls for assistance each year. Most of all, we want to encourage Canadian women to experience the special joy of travelling alone, safely.”

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