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Thailand's Maya Bay closed until 2021

Thailand's Maya Bay closed until 2021
Christine Hogg

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Thailand's famous Maya Bay, located on the island of Phi Phi Leh, will remain closed to tourists until at least 2021.

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Made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio's film The Beach, Maya Bay first temporarily closed down in June 2018, after it was determined that an influx of tourists have severely damaged the natural environment, including fragile coral reef systems.

Too many tourists

According to the BBC, more than 5,000 people visited Maya Bay a day, and as a result, most of its coral was killed off.

Maya Bay continues to gain popularity through popular social media sharing platforms, like Instagram.

According to the BBC, since tourists have been restricted access to Maya Bay, wildlife has slowly made a comeback, most recently with blacktip reef sharks spotted swimming in the waters. 

When Maya Bay reopens, the number of visitors will be restricted and boats will be banned from mooring within the bay's waters, the BBC reports.

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