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What’s the average price of a destination wedding?

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  •   02-20-2019  12:19 pm

What’s the average price of a destination wedding?

Each month, PAX breaks down the stats, facts and figures that shape Canada’s travel industry.  Here, we dive deep into the numbers behind destination weddings.

Tying the knot

14 – the percentage of Canadian couples who plan to get married abroad. In 2015, this figure represented 22,445 of the 160,324 Canadian couples who wed that year.

10,000 – the average price (in Canadian dollars) of a destination wedding. Compared to the average cost of a traditional wedding – more than $30,000 and increasing! – a destination wedding can be a good deal!

25 – the percentage of couples who will get married in a destination wedding between November and April. With these months bookending the traditional winter travel season in Canada, many seem to be opting for sun destinations to tie the knot!

129 – the average number of guests at a wedding in Canada. While destination weddings tend to be smaller, agents can still cash in on group bookings.

8.8 – the average number of days Canadian newlyweds will honeymoon for. Travel agents, take note – 66 per cent of brides say they will opt for all-inclusive resorts, while 21 per cent are considering a cruise.

Sources: Weddingbells

This article originally appeared in the February print edition of PAX magazine. 

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