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Capacity down but Asia's cruise market still strong, says CLIA

Capacity down but Asia's cruise market still strong, says CLIA

According to a recent report by CLIA, 2019 will see a total of 1,917 sailings in Asia, and generate capacity for 4.02 million passengers, down slightly from the market's rapid growth in recent years.

The 2019 Asia Cruise Deployment and Capacity Report details Asia’s planned cruise activity this year, finding that 2019's total passenger capacity has been reduced by 5.7 per cent year-on-year after several years of rapid expansion. The decline was mainly due to the reduction of short cruise itinerary options from mainland China. Nevertheless, 2019 will still see 79 ships from 39 cruise brands sailing in Asia, a similar level to last year.

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“The popularity of cruising in Asia is expected to grow further over coming years as cruise lines deploy new, larger vessels that have been purpose-built for Asian consumers. The coming generation of ships will replace older ships previously based in Asia, and when coupled with new cruise infrastructure in several Asian destinations are expected to fuel strong interest among travellers. The result is likely to be a return to growth for cruising in Asia after a slight decline this year,” said Joel Katz, managing director for CLIA Australasia & Asia. “Asia also has a wide diversity of appealing attractions, with many places possessing a spectacular coastline. Ships in Asia will call at 306 different destinations, an increase of 18 destinations from 2018, providing the range of choice for passengers cruising here.”

Ships to call in more destinations

In 2019, 306 different destinations in Asia will receive cruise ships, representing an increase from the 288 destinations in 2018. Ships in Asia increasingly call at more places, increasing the range of choice for passengers.

Port calls to Asia will remain steady this year with 7,154 calls. Many of the destinations – especially India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea – will see growth.

Asia will also see a slight rise in passenger destination days. The 13 million passenger destination days forecast in 2019 will translate to more potential onshore visits from cruise passengers, creating a stronger tourism impact for the destinations across the region.

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