Tuesday,  September 27, 2022  2:11 pm

Latest issue of PAX magazine now online!

Latest issue of PAX magazine now online!

Wrapping up a successful 2014 and getting an early start on the New Year, the latest edition of PAX magazine is now available online!

The December-January issue (the seventh edition overall) features a cover story on Stéphanie Bishop of the Globus family of brands, providing readers with insight into her successful travel career. Corey Marshall of Anderson Vacations is also interviewed, explaining how his company has adapted the 'brochure' concept to work for travel agent partners.

Readers will also hear from those travel professionals providing niche services in the industry, emphasizing the value of focusing on one aspect of travel as opposed to taking on a wider range of products.

As for destinations, we have reports from New Zealand and Bora Bora highlighting all these destinations have to offer, along with a look into the various beverages enjoyed in that corner of the world.

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