Wednesday,  July 8, 2020  2:56 am

The launch of the Scenic Eclipse has been delayed—again

The launch of the Scenic Eclipse has been delayed—again

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours announced that the first sailing date for Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first Discovery Yacht, has been amended to Apr. 13, 2019.

Due to ongoing financial issues at the Uljanik shipyard in Croatia, where the Scenic Eclipse is being built, and a resultant strike by specialist engine and systems commissioning workers, this segment of the ship’s completion has been delayed. Although the specialist commissioning teams did return to work last week, it will not be possible to catch up the nearly six weeks of lost time due to their strike.

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Progress continues

Scenic continues to be in constant contact with the shipyard, the workers’ representatives and the Croatian government to ensure the completion of the ship as soon as possible. Due to Scenic’s efforts, more than 600 employees continue to work on other aspects of the ship every day. The progress on the ship’s interiors and other timings of the final build stage have seen far less impact from the industrial action and continue to progress at a good pace.

Scenic acknowledges the regrettable impact this has on guests and understands their disappointment at this change in the sailing date.

Full refund for guests

Scenic has committed to providing its guests a full refund for the cost of their Scenic Eclipse cruise and consideration of any other reasonable associated costs incurred with their travel plans. Additionally, Scenic is providing all guests who rebook a Scenic Eclipse voyage a future cruise credit in the value of 25 per cent of the cost of their re-booked cruise.

Scenic has established a dedicated phone number for the affected guests and has begun reaching out to all guests and travel agents to provide details on the process of refunding and offering an opportunity to apply the 25 per cent discount to other voyages.