Thursday,  October 6, 2022  3:00 am

Mywurld Launches Groundbreaking Customizable Cruise Planners

Mywurld Launches Groundbreaking Customizable Cruise Planners

Vancouver- based travel agency platform mywurld has announced the launch of their online, personalized cruise planners – a travel industry first and representing the next generation in booking capabilities.

The planners revolutionize the way travel agents and their customers plan cruises by doing away with paper-based brochures and instead providing a personalized, secure website that offers information on available packages, destination information, cabin details, weather information, excursions and  more, bridging the gap between often overwhelming online travel options and offline travel agencies.

Once a cruise is booked, the planner automatically turns into the traveller’s online itinerary.

The mywurld products-which are branded to the agencies-offer complete travel planning solutions online.

The cruise planner has taken a process traditionally involving time-consuming multiple in-person meetings, physical brochures, phone calls, and turned it into an easy, and secure online process that is enhanced by the addition of the personalized help and guidance that clients have come to rely on from a travel agent.

It is the first of a full suite of planners being launched over the next three months. Launching in early December is the Leisure planner, allowing agents and customers to easily plan full vacations and is being followed by the MultiDay planner, specializing in multi-day tours of destinations.

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