Tuesday,  December 7, 2021  12:19 am

Mywurld Set To Launch New Travel Trade Technologies

Mywurld Set To Launch New Travel Trade Technologies

Mywurld, a division of Vancouver- based Contac Services that provides customizable marketing technologies for travel agents, recently announced the appointment of Nino Montagnese as vice president.

Montagnese, a travel industry veteran who recently served 10 years with Air Canada Vacations is based in Toronto, but said he has plans for frequent business trips to the west coast.

PAXnewsWest caught up with Montagnese to hear the latest news about mywurld projects that can benefit travel agents’ bottom line.

 “There are a lot of new developments with the Travel Agent Desktop purl [personal url] itineraries, which a travel agent can forward that to their customer and continue to earn commission,” said Montagnese.

Mywurld’s travel agent Desktop e-marketing platform enables agents to create itineraries from the mywurld dashboard, and upload documents containing proposed client itineraries and hotel options.

As of June 30, air and cruise packages were also added to the products available in the booking engine.  The technology platform enables agents to cross sell products, while managing clients’ travel plans.

Montagnese also said mywurld is just a few months away from delivering what the company calls the ‘Vacation Planner’, and explained how it is differentiated from the competitors’ products.

“This product is basically going to shop, like a travel agent, the system for the best supplier deals, complete with pricing in different hotels,” Montagnese said.

 With the Vacation Planner, agents can book on behalf of the client, or the client can take it home for further research and deliberation, and then has the power to book from directly from home- while the agent earns the commission on the booking.

“Instead of the agent giving [clients] three different brochures, what the agent has done is emailed all the information, and all the information is displayed on the hotel and the destination,” he said.

Another mywurld component in the development stages is the Navitour product. With Navitour, the client, after reviewing all the information provided in the ‘purl’, can then continue to purchase excursions, add- ons, car rentals, transfers, upgrades, and insurance- all commissionable to the agent.

Travel agents will be able to filter searches by destination, date hotel and supplier.

“My goal is to provide our trade partners and the tour operators with the best customer service that they can get from a distribution channel, and the best products delivered to them and their customers,” Montagnese said.

For more information, go to contacservices.com or call 1-855-552-2751.