Tuesday,  September 27, 2022  1:53 pm

Paul Gauguin reveals 2015 special guest line-up

Paul Gauguin reveals 2015 special guest line-up

Paul Gauguin Cruises has announced its 2015 line-up of special guests, featuring experts in the culinary arts, wine, photography, fine art, history, music, astronomy, and the wonders of the deep.

The line-up include Gary Eberle, founder of Eberle Winery; musician Jamie Lawrence;  world-famous oceanographer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau; historian Dr. Robert Gallacher; journalist and speaker specializing in astronomy Dan Benedict;  Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato, Chef Propriétaire of Paris’ Michelin-starred Restaurant Apicius; opera singers Catherine Cook and Kristin Clayton; art history professor Caroline Boyle-Turner; contemporary artist Nancy Gregory; Diane Moore, President of Paul Gauguin Cruises; and photographer Jesse Kalisher.

For the full list of 2015 special guests and their respective itineraries, visit www.pgcruises.com.