Sunday,  November 28, 2021  10:17 pm

Royal Caribbean threw a costume party in Vancouver last night

Royal Caribbean threw a costume party in Vancouver last night
Colin Price, Lisa Connell, Shane Buksh, Patricia Di Benedetto, and Eric St-Pierre of Royal Caribbean International.
Ming Tappin

Ming Tappin is a cruise industry expert and is the owner of Your Cruise Coach.

Royal Caribbean hosted an agent dinner in Vancouver last night. 

Themed “Caribbean Done Royally”, and in the spirit of Halloween, guests were invited to dress their Caribbean best. Over dinner, a brand update was presented by Vancouver-based strategic account managers Colin Price and Shane Buksh.

Royal Amplified

Over the next four years, Royal Caribbean will be refurbishing 10 ships, spending $100 million on each vessel. The “amplified” ships will receive upgraded pool decks, new bars, entertainment, and dining venues. 

“With these amplified ships, and our new ships, we can say that Royal Caribbean sails to 295 destinations – counting our 25 ships as destinations themselves," Bukish said.

Bukish also had some tips handy for Canadian agents, stating:

“Pick your language carefully as it can make or break a sale. Our ships are big, but don’t focus on their size, as that can be perceived as a negative thing. Instead, talk about the innovations, and the number of things to do onboard.”

Price elaborated further: 

“If you look at our ship size compared to the guest capacity, the bigger the ship, the higher the space-to-guest ratio. So in fact, guests sailing on the larger vessels actually have more space to enjoy.”

The Perfect Day at Coco Cay

Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas will be going through a $200 million improvement, including a new dock, extensive waterparks, Coco Beach Club with overwater cabanas, zipline, four restaurants, and Up, Up and Away - a helium balloon that will take guests up to 350 feet above sea level. 

“Once completed, Coco Cay will actually offer more complimentary dining venues and activities than before,” Price confirmed.

The Perfect Day at Coco Cay will debut by May 2019.

Royal Suite Class

Guests booking junior suites and suites onboard Oasis and Quantum class ships will receive a wealth of inclusions. Amenities include an exclusive restaurant, complimentary wifi, to deluxe beverage packages and a “Royal Genie” concierge.

Did you know?

  • Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line that offers entertainment in the air, on the ice, on the stage and on the water.
  • Clients booked in Boardwalk or Central Park Balcony categories on Oasis class ships receive complimentary extras such as a specialty restaurant meal, beverage offer, and exclusive activities.
  • Single occupancy balcony staterooms are available on Quantum class ships.
  • My Family Time Dining allows kids to be served their dinner in 30 minutes, then be whisked off to the children’s program while parents can enjoy their dinner at leisure.
  • Royal Caribbean is the first autism friendly cruise line offering special programming for adults and children.

Travel agent resources

  • Royal Caribbean’s Youtube channel houses 30-40 second upbeat videos, perfect to share with clients and on social media.
  • For news, offers and marketing resources, visit
  • Visit for additional sales and marketing resources, planning tools, and espresso booking engine.