Thursday,  October 6, 2022  3:55 am

Sears Travel Launches Biggest Travel Event Ever

Sears Travel Launches Biggest Travel Event Ever

Sears Travel, a subsidiary of TravelBrands with eight locations in Metro Vancouver and across the lower mainland, has just launched a new campaign dubbed ‘Our Biggest travel event ever’ that aims to motivate clients to book their winter vacations early.

“It’s definitely the best campaign that we’ve ever had,”   Jelena Jado, regional sales manager, Sears Travel told PAXnewsWest. “We have price protection guarantees, flexible payment options and early booking bonuses, so it definitely pays to book.”

The highlights of the campaign are that until Nov. 25, Sears Travel clients, with a minimum spend, can earn $150 in bonus points, plus two times the points on their Sears card, or a travel reward on their travel purchase.

“The destinations this year are many, from South sun to Europe to river cruises to Asia to the South Pacific, we’ve got all of the main players and all of our preferred suppliers are participating,” Jado said.

Jado also said Sears travel will be doing one draw every week, with the winner receiving a $10,000 in store Sears shopping spree.

While the Biggest travel event ever is client-reward focussed, Jado said travel agents can benefit as well by using it to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

“Our travel agents are really excited about the campaign this year, it’s a great selling tool, and definitely a way to acquire new customers,” she added.

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