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Barceló Maya Grand Resort opens adventure park

Barceló Maya Grand Resort opens adventure park

This month, Barceló Maya Grand Resort is set to open Ventura Fly & Ride Park, making Barceló Maya Grand Resort the first and only Riviera Maya resort with its very own adventure park.

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Open year-round from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Ventura Fly & Ride Park (made up of two areas, Ventura Fly and Ventura Ride) offers thrilling attractions and experiences for the whole family at an additional cost.

Ventura Fly

Ventura Fly will feature the following:

  • Seven airborne ziplines send riders flying above the park’s palm trees
  • AquaZip, a soaring zipline, ends with a “splash” landing
  • ©Tarzania, a hybrid zipline/roller coaster, suspends riders below a rail that travels 1,247 feet
  • Plane Coaster, a gravity driven roller coaster that begins from an altitude of almost 100 feet, zooms around the circuit, offering stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the Mayan Jungle
  • Parachute Landing is a unique free fall experience from 35 feet above the ground
  • Bungee Swing, a giant swing, starts with participants stepping off of an airplane wing from an altitude of almost 35 feet
  • 16-foot-high rope courses challenge you to make it from one side to the other
  • ©Netland is a closed circuit of bridges and slides, perfect for young adventurers.

Ventura Ride

Meanwhile, Ventura Ride delivers the following:

  • Off Road Polaris, Polaris Ace Vehicles deliver agility and precision on a challenging closed off-road circuit, allowing both adult and kid drivers to experience the thrill of precision driving.
  • GO KARTS DRIFTS with single and double seaters features more than 1,200 feet of bends and curves that will get your heart racing
  • Quad Cycle offers pedal power to the max, with 4-wheel vehicles that are a blast to drive around a curvy closed-circuit track

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