Thursday,  October 6, 2022  2:29 am

A look inside Club Med Charlevoix

A look inside Club Med Charlevoix

One year after announcing the opening of its first mountain resort in Québec, today Club Med and Groupe Le Massif have released renderings and new project details to the community of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François.

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A four-season resort

During an open house organized by the two companies, Charlevoix residents attended a briefing and met with representatives of Club Med and Le Massif to find out more about the project and view renderings of the future Club Med Québec Charlevoix resort.

"Club Med is pleased to meet with its stakeholders to seamlessly establish itself in the community and support economic development in the magnificent Charlevoix region," sayid Carolyne Doyon, senior vice president for Canada & Mexico at Club Med. “We are thrilled to see several local entrepreneurs and professionals show interest in collaborating with us to offer our future visitors an authentic Charlevoix experience over all four seasons. Beyond discovering the mountain, they will get a glimpse of the region and its activities, delicacies and people.” 

Working together

Both companies are working together with local stakeholders to offer clients a variety of experiences in Charlevoix. They will be actively providing the local population with regular updates, keeping the region informed at every stage of the project.

Club Med and Groupe Le Massif have partnered with Québec architecture and design firm Lemay Michaud to bring their exclusive resort model to life. Inspired by the region’s beauty and dynamic character, the resort’s design is reflective of the surrounding landscapes, colours and climate. To echo the heart of the all-season resort located at the highest altitude in eastern Canada, Lemay Michaud brought fall and winter scenes to life through stone and wood carvings within the resort’s structure.

With its inspiration mirroring traditional Québec culture, Club Med designed the facilities’ stone walls, wooden siding and terraces to capture the essence of authentic local culture while adding its own modern twist.

Additionally, the company is pursuing two recognized sustainability certifications for this inaugural resort. Club Med hopes to be the first hotel structure in North America to comply with strict BREEAM environmental standards and it is diligently working towards sustainable operations management of the resort in order to become Green Globe-certified by opening day.